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Community discussion... [Nov. 11th, 2007|08:24 am]
The Bionic Woman Fan Community


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I haven't been here much because of a lot of overtime and travel but I'm happy to see that our membership is still growing. Keep spreading the word to other fans.

Thanks to those who've been posting wonderful fanfiction, icons, and wallpapers. A special thanks to merlina_thalia for posting her recaps here, an excellent thing for those of us, including myself, who have the misfortune of not always being able to watch the show.

Does anyone have news about the strike and how it will affect Bionic Woman? I'm assuming it would also close down production as other shows are preparing to do, if it hasn't already happened. It will certainly be a dismal time for fans.

[User Picture]From: agm_ride
2007-11-11 05:22 pm (UTC)
Production is shutting down soon.
Nov. 7

If this strike goes on for a while, I think BW might survive. NBC won't have any new shows developed so they will have to look to all the current shows they have now (just a guess). It would be faster for the studio to green light current new shows than wait for development of brand new shows.
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[User Picture]From: angelofsnow
2007-11-14 10:52 pm (UTC)
Although I support the writers, I am a little worried about the effect the strike will have on Bionic Woman. The show has been getting good ratings so far but it's very new. And the strike is happening right as the studio would be deciding to keep or cancel a show.

I'm worrying and I really hope I shouldn't be.

Does anyone know when the last new episode will air?

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[User Picture]From: merlina_thalia
2007-11-16 12:25 am (UTC)
I just saw this post now, thanks:) I'm glad that people are reading my recaps, and I'll continue to post them:)

As for the strike, Kevin Rankin (Nathan) talked about it some when we interviewed him. He said that BW is actually more behind then some other shows because they refilmed much of the first few episodes because the network didn't like them for whatever reason (and scrapped the whole original second episode). He said that he didn't know how many scripts were left or when they would go on hiatus.

Hope that helps. And if anyone wants to read about the interview, as soon as it's posted to the magazine site I will link to my article, or you can download last weeks show where we played it in its entirety at blogtalkradio.
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